Netflix Subscription Review 2024

It is a OTT based video streaming platform. IT is a United states OTT APP & Head quarter is Cos Gatos, California, US.


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 In the last two decades, Netflix‘s global subscriber base grew to 140 million. The next competing brand is yet to reach half of Netflix’s subscribers. 

Read our review to see if Netflix is right for you.

Netflix Succeeded After a Lot of Struggle

Netflix Succeeded After a Lot of Struggle in February 2018, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings told a global business summit in Delhi that the streaming giant’s next 100 million subscribers would be “coming from India” because of expanding and cheap internet. Current review results are saying the same thing & to day It’s proved.

After Three years later, this site was going to development. Once upon a time the Netflix site Brought a radical change in this site. And then this site is slowly progressing towards improvement in 21st century. Currently, this site has made its trusted place in the world. Current review results is good & today we see it proven.

Subscription Value

There are three type of subscription plane available for Netflix subscribers of January 2024.

1.Basic plane is 500/month

2.Standard plane is 650/month

3. Premium plane is 800/month

Eligible Internet Connection at a time

There are internet recommended speed for watching movies etc, on Netflix.

Recommended megabits per second

Standard definition (SD)1 Mb/s
High definition (HD)720p: 2Mb/s
1080p: 5Mb/s
4K/Ultra HD (UHD)15Mb/s
As you wish :-


Original programming:

Film and television:


Pros and cons table

You can see easily every Foreign Content.Less widespread in the world.
All time facility to watch any video.Loss of Channel Surfing.
Netflix Boasts Original Content in in videoMembership value is high.
One subscription but multiple viewers facility in here.No Ownership of Media.
Searching through the library is easy in NetflixThere Are many option of Netflix Alternatives.
This app is relatively affordable this timeHas an Outdated Library in Netflix.
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